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How To Make Wedding Planning Easier

Wedding planning is that part of your wedding that takes the longest and can last for months and months requiring lots of back and forth with caterers, restaurants, and other businesses that usually specialize on weddings. By the time you get a chance to wear that white dress you’ve been hunting for weeks you are probably stressed out of your mind and want it all to end as quickly as possible. Well, there are a few ways to make wedding planning easy and pain-free.

Wedding Planning Made Easier

Ceremony or Reception

Choose one. Organizing a beautiful ceremony after which you can drop into a plane seat and start enjoying your married life immediately on some beach thousand miles away from home is much easier than planning the reception. If, however, you want the latter more, think smaller rather than bigger. A small intimate reception will give you a chance to communicate with everybody at least a little and will also rid you of problems like taking lots of photos with each and every guest as well as listen to everybody’s similar long-winded toast speeches.

Actually a lot of things are against reception. Even if you are trying to make it casual it probably end up requiring as much planning. There’s a seating plan to worry about, food, bar, music, entertainment for the guests, photography, videography, arrngements and decorations, favors and seating signs.

After Party Reception Alternative

After party sounds great as a casual reception alternative. It can offer food and drinks but it doesn’t have to have all those tedious-to-plan things like decorations, seating plan, wedding games. Also ditch the embarrasing speeches and toasts, the photoshoot, and all the other rituals and do what you really think is fun whether it’s bowling, mad dancing, or your own private rock concert.

Lower Expectations

I know this may sound unfair and even unacceptable to some but hear me out. Many people dream to have a certain wedding and many have high expectations for everything including people. And while your dress, your cake, and everything else that you can plan out and control may go without a hitch some bumps are simply inevitable especially when you deal with people. A band could be late, a guest could have one too many drinks and misbehave, kids could stain your dress, and so and so forth. Things happen and you need to be ready to accept them and let go. There are also two ways your wedding can go, it either won’t be perfect or you won’t be able to relax and enjoy it.


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