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How To Make Wedding Guest List Without Hurting People’s Feelings

Planning a wedding is always a very exciting process, but only the one who has gone through it knows how much pressure you experience when making decisions on thousands of things related to a big day. The biggest pressure comes when you have to make a wedding list without hurting feelings of any of your family members, friends, and colleagues you can’t invite to the ceremony. However, if you stay calm and reasonable making a wedding guest list can be fun.


Tips To Make A Wedding Guest List Without Hurting People’s Feelings

Don’t make promises. Before you have made the decision on who exactly to invite and who to cut off, don’t make any promises. To avoid hurting feelings of anyone who could consider himself as a potential guest, you can tell everyone that the ceremony is going to be very intimate – just family and close friends, or cite the current economy state that doesn’t allow you to organize a huge wedding.

Decide on you budget. This is the most important thing to do. When you know your budget you can determine the number of guests you can invite. As soon as you get that precise number leave 50 per cent of guests for you and your partner to invite, and the other 50 divide between your families. If any of the two couples are separated give each of the parents 25 per cent of guests to invite.

Invite family members. No matter how intimate your wedding ceremony will be, you have to invite your parents and his parents. Siblings, grandparents, favorite aunts, cousins and uncles should also be included into the guest list. As for inviting distant family members, think twice. Who of them do you have a personal relationship with? Who would you like to share your joy with? Inviting every family member is not a must. Choose those people only who you really want to see at your wedding.

Invite people you know and have connection with. Wedding day is your day and you have the right to invite people who you are close to you, people you want to share not just the happy moment but your life with. So, invite the people who will be a part of your future.

Invite friends you see all the time. Invite friends who you socialize with all the time, those who are with you no matter what happens in your life, those who will really be happy for you on this day. We usually see these people on the regular basis, talk to them on the phone, skype and face to face.

Decide on inviting colleagues. If you are very close with your colleagues you might want to invite them to your wedding. If your budget allows that, go for it and invite all your co-workers, or people from your department. If you have just one or two colleagues you like going out off-work, invite only them, others will understand your decision. In case you can’t invite any of your colleagues, don’t be upset. You can organize a cocktail party after the wedding for them.

Don’t let others push for additional guests. This is quite a common situation that parents push you to add a few more guests to the list. You should explain them that there is no room in the budget for adding more names. If such explanation doesn’t work tell them you have to cut off some of your own friends off the list. Be polite and give your arguments. You can also mention in the very beginning that you and your partner have the last word on every guest included on the list.

Deal with ‘plus guests’. If you can’t afford inviting more people to your wedding tell everyone who has already been invited that they can’t bring additional guests with them. Be diplomatic and explain that there will be a lot of other singles going without partners and based on your budget limitation you have cut off a lot of your family members and colleagues.

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