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How to Keep the Fire in Marriage

Do you remember what features attracted you in your partner on the very first date? Do you remember your heart beating with a tremendous power when he rang you? Unfortunately we tend to forget these memories under the routine that engrosses us from day to day in the marriage. However, you still have the chance to renew them and kindle the spark to keep the fire of love in your marriage.

How to light the spark in your marriage

Set the date. Come up with the list of activities you used to do before the marriage. Usually we tend to forget about such things once the children appear. However, it is one of the ways to recall the happy moments from the past and renew the feelings towards each other. Also consider finding the new hobbies that you are both interested in or visiting places you didn’t have time to visit before.













Do it on regular basis. Make it a norm by scheduling a few evenings a month for the intimate dates without children. The more time you spend with each other, the better understanding between you will be. In case you don’t have extra money for activities, consider simply strolling in the park or setting the picnic on the beach.
Prepare like you are going to your very first date. Don’t be lazy to spend extra hour of makeup, hairstyle and depilation. Besides, forget about outfits that scream “I am a mother of 3”. As for men, put on your best outfit and don’t forget to buy the flower bouquet. It is your second chance to make the first impression, so stake everything. The main idea behind all these preparations is pretending for the moment that you are at the beginning of your relationship.
Don’t feel shy to demonstrate your feelings in public by holding hands, cuddling on each other and smiling at each other. Men should make sure to open the doors for her and help her take off her coat. Ladies in turn should let their partner be a man. This will definitely help you renew the flame of your love.

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