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How To Impress Guests Without Throwing Big Wedding

Big weddings are tough to plan and though impressive they certainly are too expensive for most couples. If you are a determined bride-to-be who wants to make her day truly special and unforgettable you don’t need a big wedding to make it impressive nevertheless.

The art of wedding planning is actually a budget planning puzzle. And when you start cutting costs you aren’t necessarily making your wedding simpler. You can just get rid of small things in favor of something that will leave a lasting impression. Don’t try to make everything special. The dress, the shoes, the venue, the seating arrangement, the invitations, the favors don’t all have  to be expensive, remarkable, or custom-made. Choose something substantial that is surely to get people’s attention and focus on making that special. Also not many people will remember your dress details but they surely will remember snacks, food, bar, and cake.

Impress Without Throwing Big Wedding

Bejeweled Cake

So let’s start with that. Cake is big enough to notice and all guests can get a bite of that. They will certainly remember a special cake. We personally love berry cakes most but a bejeweled cake will definitely turn heads. And if you’re after impressing your guests, a bejeweled cake is a way to go.

Venue Decor

While a destination wedding or a wedding in an unusual venue can definitely leave a lasting impression on guests, you can get away with a simpler but a decorated venue. Many of the venue decor ideas are definitely DIY-able so you will not only impress your guests but will also save a lot of money. Also don’t waste time decorating every single chair or fork. Rather focus on a bigger picture and global decor because that’s what people will remember, details will blur out with time if they are noticed at all.

Interesting Tasty Food

People love food. Feed your guests something yummy or unusual and they will remember it for a long time. If you want a full course dinner then cut out other unnecessary things like fancy flowers, numerous centerpieces and intricate expensive favors. Focus on food and make various options available considering your guests’ tastes and preferences. They will not only appreciate your consideration but will also be able to enjoy their evening to the fullest.


This one is pretty tricky and subjective. It’s very hard to please everyone as people have different musical preferences. However, you could go safe with a classical band or playback during ceremony and some inoffensive pop hits for dancing but then again it all depends on how well you know your guests. A live band or a DJ can make or break the evening but if they are good people will remember it and enjoy the dancing or general atmosphere of fun.

If you are really tight on the budget we’d recommend to toss all the details that rarely get any attention but can add up in cost like invitations, guestbook, favors, table floral arrangements and decorations that don’t create global atmosphere in the venue like plate napkins and table centerpieces. Also be sure to avoid any unpleasant or stressful moments. These will be remembered as well as the lack of open bar or bad food.

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