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How To Have Hassle-Free Wedding

Who wouldn’t love to have a hassle-free wedding where you just have to show up looking pretty and marry the love of your life without all the stressful planning and problem-solving? Well, if you want to do just that there are a few ways to go with this.

Hassle-Free Wedding Tips

Small wedding dinner table

Small wedding dinner table

Hire a wedding planner. There are many types of planners out there. Their rates differ and you can choose the one that will fit your budget. For instance, you can give it all the stages of planning to one professional for up to 20% of your budget and sit relax and enjoy. You can also hire a consultant for less or just a wedding day planner for even less.

Have a small wedding. If a big celebration makes your head spin go for a small intimate wedding celebration with just your close family and friends. You can’t do wrong with a nice family dinner at home or restaurant and you can always hold an informal wedding party for everyone else later. No fuss over super cake, wedding rituals or any other social stuff you might find awkward or embarassing. Also no seating plans, no guest lists, no hassle.

Leave organization to someone else. It may sound scary but leaving organization for someone else is not such a bad idea if you hate planning yourself. Pick a close friend or a family member who knows your taste and is willing to help you organize things. You can do something for them instead or you can help them with something wedding-related that doesn’t involve actual planning and organization like picking up flowers, making payments or placing orders.

Be flexible. Being flexible is the key to a hassle-free wedding. How is that? Well, when something goes opposite to the plan you can easily switch things up and adapt according with the circumstances. This can help you reduce stress and enjoy the big day in its entirety.

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