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How to Figure Your Wedding Attendance

wedding-attendance-guestsOne of the key and top-priority things your should start your wedding planning with is figuring the estimated number of guests that will attend your ceremony and reception. Since the wedding attendance should be clear long before you send out the wedding invitations, all you can do is guess without any RSVPs to decide on your wedding budget.

How to figure your wedding attendance

You and your fiancé have to come up with the list of people you want to invite to your wedding celebration. Don’t forget to check the contact lists in your cell phones, e-mails and address books in order to include everyone. It would be an extra checking with your parents.

wedding-attendance-guestsCome up with a distinct list of guests are will definitely attend your wedding. It may include your best friends and close family members. You might expect all of them to attend your wedding
wedding-attendance-guestsConsider those guests to live in the same area with you. Expect 90 percent of them to come.

Add the out-of-town guests. The number of attendants will vary based on their finance position, the degree of your acquaintances, and the frequency of your communication. Approximately 64 of these guests will be able to attend your wedding.
wedding-attendance-guestsConsider the number of guests that are without spouses. Expect around 30 to 50 percent of them to bring along their dates.
wedding-attendance-guestsBy adding all of the totals from the previous paragraphs, you will get the estimate wedding attendance figure.

Tips on counting the wedding attendance

Keep in mind that the wider is your guest list, the more money you will spend on the wedding ceremony and reception. So, take this into consideration when deciding on the number of people.
wedding-attendance-guestsConsider children that will be attending your celebration and ask the venue manager and caterer from which age the children will be charged.

Ensure to avoid inviting someone you or your fiancée don’t want to see on your big day.

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