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How to Control a Wedding Planner

wedding-flower-centerpiecesYou were proposed and already picked the wedding celebration date, so it is time to decide whether you want to do the wedding planning yourself or leave it to the professional. In case you are horrified with all the numerous tasks and issues to handle and the lack of time, then it is probably better to hire the wedding planner.

Within the scope of his responsibilities are the wedding preparation planning and coordinating. Even though the wedding planner is a great help to the couple, you may find it difficult controlling him.

How to control the wedding planner

Come up with a wish list of the things that should be included in the wedding day program before you meet with a wedding planner. Think about the key elements that will make your big day an ideal celebration. This will provide the base for the planner. Decide on the colors, flowers and the overall theme you want to see on your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to include all the wild ideas that come to your mind, you will be always able to cut the list.
Budget is probably the most important thing you should take into consideration when starting the wedding planning and it is one of the ways to control the wedding planner through finances. If the wedding planner doesn’t provide you with a detailed budget, then you probably deal with an unprofessional specialist since the main duty of any wedding consultant is providing you with the best possible services within your wedding budget.
As a rule wedding planners have the connections with wedding suppliers and vendors what often guarantees the significant discounts. It is also the wedding planner’s duty finding the compromises and offering the best options within your budget. For instance, he might suggest you to use the money intended for the ice sculptures on purchasing the chic wedding favors or table centerpieces.
Try to be available 24/7. Provide your wedding planner with a phone number where he can reach you at any time. Agree with your wedding consultant that he will make the reservations and order with your approval exceptionally. Set the dates of the ongoing appointments for food tasting, band audition, decorations choosing etc. The more you communicate with your wedding planner in person, the better results you will get.
Don’t step aside from your dream celebration and try to be firm. Wedding planners are creative people and used to go beyond the borders. They used to come up with the striking ideas and unique themes, which are often hard or expensive to bring into life. Consider the ideas since creativity is one of the reasons you hired the professional, but immediately cut out the ones you hate.wedding-couple
Don’t let your wedding planner suppress your personal opinion since it is your wedding day. The professional wedding planner should take into consideration your desires and incorporate them in your wedding day.

Guide on the wedding planner controlling

It would be nice taking a look at the samples of flowers and table centerpieces beforehand to see how the elements will work together.

Look for the most recent references on the wedding planner.

Get concerned if the wedding planner persuades you to go over the budget.

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