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How To Choose Wedding Color Scheme

Wedding color scheme sets the mood for the ceremony and the reception. An unusual color scheme can make for a fun and stylish alternative to the usual neutral wedding decor. There are quite a few ways of choosing a color scheme for the wedding.

Tips On Choosing Wedding Color Scheme:

The color scheme may depend on your wedding’s theme. But in case there is no theme the color of color combination can become a theme in its own right. Blue, green, pink, red, and other colors can be used in wedding decorations in combination with other colors and hues.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Monochromatic color scheme is an easy one to pull off. You don’t need to see how colors match and work together. Various tones and shades of the same color ivory, blue, or light green can make for a great and beautiful color scheme. Add some accents of different color to your monochromatic wedding décor.

Bright Color Scheme

Bright color schemes can be balanced out with white. Bright color schemes are fun and energetic from red to rich green any color can become a color scheme for the wedding in combination of neutral whites. Secondary bright color can be stylishly used in accents such as bridesmaids bouquets or centerpieces.

Pastel Color Scheme

Pastel color schemes are romantic and easy on the eyes so the pastel color scheme can be quite colorful including several different colors. Think lavender, light blue, pale yellow, candy pink or light green. Flowers, decorations, and centerpieces can be done in various pastel shades, monochromatic or colorful.

Color Combinations

Black and white color combo can be stylish especially enhanced with some pops of bright color here and there. For other combinations choose opposite colors in the color wheel as they will look best together. Neutral whites are great for balancing out the colorful color schemes.

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