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How to Choose a Wedding Date

Once you were proposed, it is time to start the wedding planning and one of the first steps is deciding on the wedding date. Besides influencing the duration of the wedding planning, it also affects the type, size and place of your wedding. It is not that hard to make the right decision, simply take some time and take the few factors into consideration.

How to choose the wedding date

Reduce the date options by thinking about the symbolic dates. This way you will bring the romantic feel to the wedding celebration. It could be either the day of your first date or your parents’ wedding anniversary. Another way is choosing the wedding date according to the ancient astrological calendar. Don’t forget to mention the symbolism behind the date on your wedding invitations.
Opt for the right season. Just like the wedding date, the season of the year will affect both the atmosphere and overall style of the wedding. Take into consideration the association your want to evoke: December weddings bring the excitement of the coming holidays, while June weddings evoke the fun and joyful mood.wedding-bride

Discuss the date with the family members and friends. Every couple has the guests that it especially values. So, it wouldn’t be an extra asking them whether they don’t have plans on the particular date. But ask only those people from your close circle, otherwise you are risking to have guests think that the date is flexible enough to suit their schedule. You may set the family-only wedding in case an important relative cannot come on the official wedding day.
Take into consideration your wedding budget. In case you have a limited wedding budget, go for the less costly season. Remember that summer and fall are the most popular periods for weddings, thus most expensive ones. The same principle works with the days: weekends are more costly than the weekdays. Besides, if you dream about having a wedding in a particular venue, it is more likely to be available on the weekdays.
Think about scheduling your wedding day on holidays. For instance Valentine ’s Day is a perfect date to celebrate the day, when the hearts of two people unite in the alliance. Another option is the date near Christmas to add the magical spirit to your wedding day.
Don’t schedule your wedding day on the date like the weekend before the tax day since it is a stressful period. The religious holidays should be also avoided since some of your guests may find them more important than your wedding celebration.


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