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Guide on Surviving Wedding for Introverts

WeIntrovert-shy-bride.jpgdding can become a real disaster for introverted bride or groom since it means being the center of everyone’s attention for entire wedding day. Moreover, both bride and groom just cannot skip socializing with their guests by means of those small talks with unfamiliar people, which is probably the worst thing the introvert could go through.

The protracted exposure to such a socializing could really push any introvert over the edge. Besides, the typical wedding never manages it without the wedding vows, which is another ordeal for the introverted person.

Well, there is the way out, which will not only help you survive your wedding, but also make it a really joyful experience.

Guide for introverts: how to survive the wedding

Small wedding

Include on the guests list only those people that play the important roles in your live. That way you will avoid worries about interacting with people you may barely know.
If you are still anxious of spending the wedding day even in the circle of your family members and friends, consider eloping with your fiancé. Another option is inviting only your best friends and parents in order to celebrate the wedding.

Avoid speeches
If you terrified with the idea of giving a wedding speech in public, just don’t do it. Simply prepare the speech or the poem for your beloved one and either give it to him printed or deliver in the private.
Introvert-shy-bride-wedding.jpgYou are not alone
You should know that 1/3 of the world population are also introverts. So, there is a bunch of people that freak out when thinking about the wedding day, but all of you have to go through this big day sooner or later.

Consider having the wedding weekend
One of the latest trends in wedding industry is having the wedding weekend- guests gather together at certain wedding destination and take part in activities along with other guests and of course the wedding couple for entire weekend. This way you will have the chance to familiarize with guests you haven’t met before and thus feel yourself more comfortable during the big day celebration.

Introvert-shy-bride-wedding.jpgReduce pre-wedding and post-wedding parties
Minimize as much as possible all those engagement, bachelorette parties, showers, rehearsal dinner, post wedding brunches since it is the next reason for the stress. Parties are supposed to bring the positive emotions to the couple, but not the dread.

Delegate your partner to socialize
In case your partner is not as introverted as you are, you can delegate him to take the socializing role on your wedding day. So, your fiancé will be responsible for small talks with the guests and give the thank you speech.

Introvert-shy-bride-wedding.jpgWeddings don’t always go perfect
You should realize that there are some kinds of embarrassing moments almost in every wedding, so don’t get too upset in case something goes wrong. Your guests will barely remember the awkward moments the other day.

Be yourself
All your attempts to be someone you are not will look artificial and ridiculous, so you’d better be yourself and not to try to appear an extrovert if you are not when it comes to socializing with your guests.

In case the coming nuptials are dreading you, tell your fiancé about that. He should know that communicating with unfamiliar people stresses you out and ask for his help in solving this issue. This will allow you two to come up with the common plan on overcoming your fears.


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