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Guide on Organizing the Ultimate Wedding


Seems like weddings are all about good organization. Organization is a key to the ultimate wedding celebration. Besides spending the significant sum of money, couples have to spend their valuable time on attending the numerous appointments.

So, it is important to be organized from the very beginning of the process, coordinate the appointments and give the key information to the wedding vendors.

Ideas on organizing the ultimate wedding

Wedding organizer
It is necessary to set the key location where you can take care of all the wedding-related documentation like papers, receipts and phonebook. Even in case you want to use the online wedding planning program, you will still require the binder that will store all the papers. As for accumulating the important documents like contracts with vendors and their contacts, keep them in the clear plastic page protectors.
You can have another binder with the inspiration pictures of wedding dresses, flower arrangements, wedding themes etc. In case you use the online wedding planning instrument, it is necessary to print out the copies of the beloved photos since you will definitely need them during the meeting with your wedding vendor. So, bring it along to each appointment. Also, this binder should comprise the monthly planner that will record all your appointments.
Keep the track of your expenses. Each time you make a wedding-related expense, document it. While some couples store all the receipts together and add them up by the end of each week, others keep the track of daily expenses in the Excel sheet. Regardless the way you want to control your wedding, it is essential to know how much you are spending and how much money is left.
Guest list
Another wedding issue you need to take care of in the planning process is the guest list. Regardless the fact whether it is the excel spreadsheet or the list of paper, you should put each guest on the list along with his contact information: phone number, address and e-mail address. You will need this information once you don’t receive the RSVPs and need to contact certain person. This guest spreadsheet could be used as well to keep the track of the received gifts.
Vendor list
During the big day you or any other person may need to contact your wedding vendors in case of the hitch. These cases constantly happen on the weddings: limousine driver is being late, cake is not being delivered on time. Keeping them listed on the same paper will significantly simplify reaching them.


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