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Guide on Friday Night Weddings

In case you are just at the beginning of the wedding planning process and cannot come up with the wedding date, consider having the Friday evening wedding, which gradually become the popular option among the contemporary couples. Let’s find out why!

Guide on Friday night weddings

Less stress
The Friday night wedding will provide you with the opportunity to have the rest of the day for wedding preparation. Thus, you won’t have to worry about the puffy eyes or not having enough time for getting hairstyle and makeup. Simply put the mask on your eyes and get back to bed to get some additional sleep. So when the time for getting the makeup and hairstyle comes, you will be all set for starting the festivities.
Party mood
Friday is probably the most cheerful day of the week. Anyone would be excited about the Friday since it is the end of the working week. Your guests will love the idea of leaving their working places earlier or even taking the day off to attend your wedding. But there is a chance that your celebration will go crazy, especially if you decide to have an open bar. Don’t forget to arrange the music with your favorite dancing songs.
Dress code
Friday weddings will guarantee the striking celebration. While the sequin embellished dresses won’t fully suit the Saturday morning ceremony, they will be fully acceptable at the Friday night weddings. So, your guests will have the chance to dress the party style instead of the official one.
Destination weddings
In case you plan to have the destination wedding with the guests arriving from other regions or even the country, it would be better having the Friday wedding since they will have the weekend for exploring the area: your guests will definitely want to go on different excursions. So, they will be able to make the most out of their mini trip.
Cheaper prices on wedding vendors
Despite the fact that Friday weddings are getting more and more popular, they are still a bit cheaper than the Saturday weddings. So, don’t miss your chance for having the wedding celebration of your dream without spending much. Moreover, besides being less costly, Friday weddings provide with more options in terms of the wedding vendors.
I hope this article will give you the right stimulus to having the Friday night wedding celebration. If you belong to that type of people that get excited about Friday nights, then it is the way to go.

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