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Guide for Men on Making a Proposal

The major part of men plan to get engaged only once in their lifetime and the process of proposing their partner often frightens them. The answers on the stated below questions will help you to figure what way of making the proposal will suit your best.

How to propose to your partner

Is the ring supposed to be a surprise?
As a rule men buy an engagement ring without informing their partner. While the major part of men still continue this tradition, there is a part of couples that tend to choose the engagement ring together. This way the groom-to-be could be absolutely sure that his partner will love it, but the big minus- the romance of the moment will be gone.
If you want to make a surprise with an engagement ring, are you sure she will like the engagement ring?
Your fiancée has probably already implied about the type of engagement rings she likes. Another way to figure her taste is asking her close friend or sister, they have definitely discussed it beforehand. Just make sure she can keep the secret. The alternative option is peeping into her jewelry box and figure what metals and style she prefers.
Do you know what type of gemstone your fiancée likes?
The practical option is buying the gemstone solely instead of the ring and presenting it in the box or in the cheap interim mount so that she could choose the style of the ring herself. If it sounds good for you, try to figure what gemstone shape she prefers. The major part of brides prefers the round, princess and cushion cuts. While about 75% of women prefer the diamond engagement ring, the sapphires remain on the second place.
Would you like your partner to know your budget if you choose the ring together?
Some couples may find discussing the engagement ring budget to be awkward, while others do it very openly. In case you don’t want her to know about the engagement ring cost, you would better buy it in advance since you don’t want her to fell in love with the certain ring that you cannot afford. Another option is the prior arrangement with the store to demonstrate the gemstone within the selected by the groom cost.marriage-proposal
How much to spend on the engagement ring?
Historically men were supposed to spend their monthly income on buying the engagement ring, but nowadays it is not the best way to go. Instead of considering what sum you have to spend, think about how much you want and ready to pay without getting into the financial difficulties.engagement-ring-proposal

Do you know your partner’s finger size?
And again jewelry box will help you to figure the finger size of your fiancée: simply take one ring for sizing. Just ensure she used to wear this ring on the fourth finger since it tends to be smaller than the middle one. Keep in mind that the ring could be resized once you made the proposal.engagement-ring

What is the best place for proposal?
The most widespread ways is proposing in the place the two of you know well so you could revisit it in the future. Destination proposals are also the popular option since they guarantee romance and originality. If you plan the abroad proposal, it is necessary to take care of the ring transportation: don’t keep it in the luggage. If you put it in the hand luggage, there is a risk of its exposure during the customs examination. The best way is wrapping the ring in the tissue paper and keeping it in your wallet, while leaving the empty box in the hold luggage.proposal-airplane



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