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Elements of Vintage-Themed Wedding

Vintage-Wedding-IdeasThings like classics, traditions, history and antiquity stand behind the Vintage word. All of them together are associated with romanticism and passion, what makes it a popular theme among the contemporary couples.

The vintage-inspired wedding theme can really turn your celebration into the unique and magical event. Find out why to choose the vintage theme for your wedding.

Elements of vintage-inspired wedding

Vintage dress
The vintage-themed wedding begins with the vintage-inspired dress style and finding the perfect one is not an easy thing. Nowadays you can hardly find the great choice of vintage-styled wedding dress in the high street boutiques. Some high end designers tend to include the wedding gowns with vintage feel in their latest collections, but they are quite costly.
vintage-weddingThe truly vintage dress would come with a high price, but unlike new one, it will have a history behind it. Moreover, you can be sure that you will get the unique, one of a kind look.

If you have difficulties finding the perfect vintage dress, simply handmade the silk underwear in order to add the vintage feel to your look.

Vintage elements
Don’t forget about extra elements that will add your wedding celebration a vintage feel. Make your groom responsible for the vintage cars, which are much easier to find comparing to the vintage dresses, especially in the big cities.
vintage-weddingVintage gifts
In order to fully correspond to the vintage wedding theme, don’t forget to purchase the favors with the vintage feel for your guests, which could be easily found in the high street stores and through the internet.
vintage-weddingThat should be something unusual, something you know your guests are unlikely to buy for themselves: for instance, the tableware with the lace design or cushions in the vintage style.

As for the bridesmaids gifts, consider thanking them with the pearl bracelets. If you are short on budget, think about handmade forever lavender hearts, which will perfectly sit the vintage wedding theme.
vintage-weddingAlso don’t forget about the thank you cards that are the perfect way to express your appreciation to the guests.


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