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Chinese Wedding Traditions

The key aim of the Chinese wedding is the beginning of the union of the two families, which should result the continuous prosperity. Chinese marriage traditions go to the 400 B.C. Since then they had gone through the modifications and updates, but still influence the contemporary Chinese weddings.

Chinese wedding traditions

Engagements are usually arranged by the third party, who carries the function of the agent between the bride and groom’s families to ensure the successful completion and the prosperity of newlyweds.
Wedding date
The choice of the favorable wedding date is based on the raw of forecasts to figure which day will be the luckiest one for holding the wedding ceremony. As a rule the almanacs, horoscopes and fortunetellers are consulted for finding the best date option.
Wedding preparations
While the bride remains in seclusion along with her friends, the groom is occupied with the wedding bed preparation the day ahead of the ceremony. He has the children playing on the bed in order to attract the good luck and the quick pregnancy.
Fun fact
The figs, peanuts and pomegranates along with other fruits are strewn on the wedding bed, which are intended for bringing the fun element in the good old ritual as the children play.
At the daybreak of her wedding day the Chinese bride has to take the bath in the pomelo water (a fruit similar to grapefruits) to get rid of the evil spirits. The groom, in turn, is obliged to wear the long gown, red silk sash and red silk sash. Afterward he kneels before his father so that the latter could place the cap of cypress leaves on his head.
The groom enters the wedding altar accompanied by the noise of firecrackers and drums, whilst the bride is being carried on her back on the sedan chair.


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