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Candles on Your Wedding

Flowers became the ordinary decorations of every wedding. Candles are the perfect alternative to the costly and typical flowers, besides they are equally beautiful and romantic. Wedding candles able to add the soothing tones to the wedding venue and reception.

They are the perfect way to add sensuality and create the special warm ambiance to any wedding. Regardless the decoration and the setting, candles are able to make the accent on the most important thing of this special day- romance and intimacy. Today there is a great variety of candles offered on the market, but we are going to talk about the major ones.

Wedding candles

Pillar candles
Couples prefer decorating with the pillar candles because they it takes more time for them to burn out. The pillar candles create the impressive effect and produce the beautiful light. Besides, they could be easily used both as the centerpieces and the floor decorations. Couples that look for the budget-friendly wedding decoration should definitely consider the pillar candles.
Pillar candles
Tea light candles
These are perfect for the wedding venues owing to the special atmosphere of brightness created by the tea light candles. They are ofted used for creating the romantic atmosphere at the bathroom. But bathroom is not the only place where you can use them- they also look great on tables. Unfortunately, they burn quickly.
Tea light candles
Votive candles
Votive candles give the abundant light and have the appealing appearance. Votive candles can serve as the beautiful gifts to the guests as well. For the better effect have them engraved or printed. Unlike other types of candles, these ones are pretty easy to handle owing to the individual holders, so don’t be frightened with their high price- you will save though on purchasing the holders.
Votive candles
As I wrote before, wedding candles are presented in wide range starting from the colors, sizes and shapes. Sure, the first thing the couples will base their wedding candles choice on would be the budget, but you should also consider the purposefulness and practicality of your choice.


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