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Budget Wedding Plans & Ideas

Wedding bouquetPeople tend to spend lots on a wedding. They empty their savings accounts or even take loan to create a dream wedding for which they often have to pay a solid sum. But who says your dream wedding can’t also be affordable? Wedding on a budget isn’t necesserily what it sounds like. First of all, the budget size depends on your income. You may afford to spend 5,000 without thinking much about it but for some it could be an unimaginable sum of money that could buy them a ‘new’ car or something more practical than a wedding. Still, there are ways to have a beautiful and fun wedding without draining your piggy bank or falling deep into debt.

Budget Wedding Plans

Special Offer Wedding Package ($600-$1500 and more)

There are hotels and retreats that offer special wedding packages for as low as $600 for an elopment package (in New York) or more if you want to have a reception with guests. These packages often include a ceremony, a cake, and some even include a three-course meal and a DJ. This could be a perfect solution for a couple who wants a nice organized wedding sans debt and hassle of planning. All you’ll need outside the budget is a wedding dress and a tux that you can rent or buy in a discount store depending on your preference and again, budget.

Go Casual (+/-$2,500)

It might seem counter-intuitive but going casual with your venue and dress can be just what you need to spend as little money on the wedding as possible and still have a nice party. Mind you, we don’t mean you should marry in a t-shirt and jeans but a nice white cocktail dress and a non-wedding venue will allow you to cut your wedding budget down immeadiately. You can also choose to play music out of your iPod instead of hiring a DJ or a band or an orchestra. You can spend much less with this budget plan if you have just a few guests or if you are eloping.

Buy Cancelled Wedding ($10,000 up to $40,000)

This is a thing, you know, buying or selling a cancelled wedding. Some sources like SkyBride or CancelledWeddings (budget numbers were on their website) offer to buy an event for less. You can still make some changes if you want to. Sounds…interesting.

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