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Bridal Butterflies or Wedding Nerves: How To Stay Calm

No need for a bride to get nervous
No need for a bride to get nervous
There is no bride in the universe who has not got nervous on her wedding day. Don’t get fooled by those ladies who seem to stay super calm and collected – this is just an excellent performance, while they are going through exactly the same process of self-torturing. The questions that a bride-to-be normally addresses (to herself, of course) have to do with any sort of things: from “whether this is a right choice” to “am I not going to screw the whole thing?”. And this kind of inquiries are very much normal for a bride. Yet, there is a way to if not completely eliminate, but to decrease them. Read on and find out the most useful tips if you are planning to get married soon.

Bride’s Manual on How To Stay Cool and Calm

You need to start worrying about your inner condition ahead of time. Therefore, make sure that the process of your wedding preparation is well planned and described in details and written form. Otherwise, you might end up running on your last day like crazy and trying to accomplish multiple tasks in the limited amount of time. The best thing would be to create a to-do and to-buy list which you will edit with checkmarks on an occasional basis. This way you will manage to meet all the major goals and purchase the most important things beforehand, which in turn will help you stay as cool as possible before your big day.

Secondly, give yourself a couple of hours at the spa center, where you can have relaxing and pleasant time. I bet you will feel three times as calm as you did before the procedures. It is very important to attend such a center alone, since you need to spend some time alone. This is a great opportunity to go back to those things that you were concerned with or just let yourself dream ahead. As long as you are smiling, any sort of healthy and pleasant procedures will do good. 

It is very crucial that you grab enough sleep before the ceremonial day. Even though you think that you are running out of time and have to prepare certain things during the night before the big day, let others do it for you and fall into the deep and good sleep. The best time to do so would be 10 or 11 pm, as this is the period when our body is being restored the best. Hence, if you want to not only stay calm on the wedding day, but also look fresh and beautiful, do not sacrifice your sleeping time.

In the week leading up to your wedding, replace all the songs in your old playlist with the classical compositions. This will definitely make help your mind stay bright and work in a more efficient way. Moreover, you will be able to fall into sleep much easier and faster if you have Vivaldi in your headphones.

Here comes the most important thing – always visualize your wedding day. It can be shown in your dreams and visions in any way possible (even in the way which does not correspond with the real scenario). Just make sure that it runs smoothly and in the most fascinating colors possible. Imagine how beautiful you will look and how happy will your beloved one smile. Think of the numerous guests who will applause with the most sincere wishes. Draw in your mind the musicians playing the most gorgeous music in the world, the decorated tables full of delicious food and sparkling champagne, the vibrant flowers and colorful balloons creating a magic atmosphere and the joy and laughter that will be in the air. If you think positively, the outcome will be absolutely identical. Stop worrying about minor mistakes or blind spots. It is not really important whether the color of the napkins will match that of the tablecloth. What is much more significant is how you see your wedding ceremony and how you and your soul mate feel.

Even if it becomes obvious that you missed certain points and your wedding day is not going to be as perfect as you have always dreamed of it, let it go. After all, life is not always what we want; it is what we fight for and what we get. It is absolutely impossible to foresee every single step and write a different scenario for each of the potential situations. Humans tend to make mistakes and no one will blame you if you, for instance, offer apple juice instead of the orange one.

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