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Bad Weather Wedding Tips

What can be more disappointing than the bad weather on your big day? Even the most accurate weather broadcast cannot ensure the best weather so you’re better be prepared. There are many things you can do both indoors and outdoors on a wedding day. Also having a covered area for your outdoor wedding is a great idea in case a sudden summer rain decides to break out.

Bad Weather Tips

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First rule is to never expecting weather to be perfect. Instead expect changes like wind, rain and clouds. The latter are the worst as they may come and go throughout the day blocking and revealing the sun, which can be quite annoying.

Another thing is to make the most of the weather you’re having that day. If it’s chilly light up the fireplace or wrap into a cozy cardigan. It’s also an exuse to change those heels for something more comfortable (and warm). If it’s hot take your photography session near water. You can also take beautiful photos in quite a bad weather, which has actually turned into a sort of trend in wedding photography.

The wind can ruin your wedding hair so if you’re living in a windy climate you’re better be prepared. Have a strong hold hairspray in your wedding survival kit and put your hair up to avoid all your beach waves turn into a hot tangled mess.

It’s always unpredictable with weather so be sure to have a solid plan B not only for your outfit and appearance but also the celebration and guests. You don’t want them to get cold and wet or you could at least offer them hot drinks and food if the weather got bad.

Even if you are having a wedding in spring or summer it’s best to have some sort of covered area to hide from the sudden rain, blazing sun or wind.

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