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After the Wedding Etiquette

You are absolutely happy with the way your wedding day passed after the continuous months of the extensive preparations and planning directed on creating the dream wedding. Seems like it is the time for the rest and enjoying the life together in the new status, but in fact you have still some things to do. Learn the basics of the after the wedding etiquette with our simple guide.

Things to do after the wedding

Write the thank you notes maximum three months after you get the wedding gifts. Set yourself the schedule with writing the minimum amount of thank you note per day.
Send out the announcement to people that were not invited to your celebration. It could be old friends, colleagues, long-distance relatives etc. It could come either in the official printed form or the more informal e-mail.
Update your status in the social network sites like Facebook or place the announcement of your marriage in the local paper. Don’t forget to place the photos. Some can place the marriage announcement in the local newspapers of the cities where your parents your relatives. In fact you may do it for free since some newspapers don’t charge for marriage announcements. The forms and terms are usually available on the newspaper’s website.
Return back all the gifts that you don’t need including those that duplicate the staff you already have. Keep in mind that they should be returned in the original package. The major part of the stores offers the return procedures for the gifts without receipts: in some cases you will get the store credit, while others give back the cash.
It would be nice putting your wedding photo album online using the websites like Flickr or even create your own website.

Tips on the after wedding etiquette

Consider purchasing the wedding announcements at the same time you order the invites. This way you might receive the price back.
Place an address on the envelope for each wedding gift at the moment you open it, what will significantly simplify the process of writing when it comes to the thank you notes.

Print out the newspaper form of the wedding announcement and take some time for the thorough examination in order to ensure all the stated information is correct. Pay attention to the names’ spelling.
Store the gifts you plan to return in the remote place so nobody uses them by accident.

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