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6 Best Edible Favors Guests Will Remember

Favors are cute but most people don’t really care that much for them. You may spend a lot of time trying to get them right but in the end of the day they just might get forgotten and abandoned. Edible favors, on the other hand, aren’t very meaningful but your guests might at least remember that they were yummy.

One of the rules to edible favors is not to use perishable products as they might go bad faster than the guests will be able to enjoy them.

Favors Guests Will Remember

Edible wedding favors


Macarons, cupcakes, mini pies, and various cookies are great as favors. They are tasty and sweet and will undoubtedly leave your guests happy and calm.

Caramel Apples

Although might be tricky to consume, caramel apples are yummy and fun. They also make a great snack while the newly weds are meeting and greeting other guests or taking photos.


Who doesn’t love candy? Truffles, lolipops, candy corn, and other types of candy make amazing and easy favors that your guests will eat up and enjoy along with their slice of wedding cake.


Mints are irreplaceable especially for those who smoke or if you serve garlic bread during dinner. Anyway, mints are practical and can last your guests at least a week so they will definitely remember them.


A small champagne or a wine bottle is a great treat for the guests who aren’t that into sweets. However, if you know your guests aren’t very much into alcohol either you can make treat them to some other delicious drink favors. Just be sure the bottles aren’t too big and bulky.


Another treat for those who don’t like sweets is popcorn. A perfect snack before dinner and in between wedding program bits. Make it flavored so that it wasn’t too bland and pack it with a napkin. You could swap popcorn for almonds or other hebred nuts and seeds as your savoury favors.

Jams, honey jars, and spices aren’t necessarily┬ábad favor ideas, they are just something guests should remember to take home with them to enjoy and that could be problematic as they have to carry those around and not forget picking them up after reception or party. Bulky jars and bottles could be especially annoying, so stick to smaller favors, your guests might actually appreciate that. Also the edible favors that have to be prepared to be eaten might also not work for everybody, so if you want to treat your guests stick with ready-made stuff.


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