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5 Useful Wedding Planning Tools

When planning a wedding you can’t keep everything in your head or even on a piece of paper. There will be changes such as guest list drafts or budget cuts so yo you need convenient wedding planning tools that will help you plan, edit, and add if necessary.

Wedding Planning Tools

Wedding Planning ToolsChecklist

Checklist of all the things you need to do divided by categories and smaller lists can save much time and help to keep track of all completed and yet to be completed tasks. Make sure your checlist is digital and accessible. You can remove the tasks or check the ones you completed.

Keep your checklist updated as your wedding preparation progresses or draw a separate checklist for each week of your wedding planning.

Budget Spreadsheet

A budget spreadsheet is not only a useful but it’s a must for keeping your wedding preparation within the set budget and keeping track of all expenses. As with guest list you can make your own or download a template or use a template for Google docs. Choose the most convenient option and write down all the expenses to estimate the cost of your wedding and make some budget adjustments. You can also use different websites that help plan your finances and keep track of your expenses.

Guest List

Keep track of your guests’ RSVPs, plus ones, and gifts with a simple guest list spreadsheet. You can download a template or create one yourself including all the categories you need.


Registry list is a great way of getting the gifts you need or like. Choose the store that stocks the items and brands you like but that also has different price points. Make sure they ship to your location and read their exchange policy. You can also use your registry to fund (at least parially) your honeymoon.

Smartphone App

There are many different apps for your smartphone that will help you either manage your checklist or browse through wedding dresses while on the go.

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