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5 Things the Groom is Responsible For

Brides mistakenly think that all wedding-related duties have to lay on their fragile shoulders. Yes, often it feels like it, but the grooms also have the duties to carry. Let’s find out what are the groom’s key pre-wedding responsibilities. This guide will help you to find out what responsibilities and financial expenses lay on the groom.

Things the groom is responsible for

Corsages and boutonnieres
There are no strict rules o who wears the corsages and boutonnieres, but in most cases parents, stepparents, grandparents, ushers and ceremony readers are the ones who get to wear them. Groom is responsible for the wedding-day flowers.
Rehearsal dinner
Customarily groom and his family are the ones who host the rehearsal dinner and thus have the right to decide the location and the format. Besides, they decide on the amount of people that should be invited to the rehearsal dinner. In some cases groom’s parents pay for the things like beverages, music and transport.
Marriage license and officiants’ fees
Groom is responsible for receiving the marriage license. It couldn’t be called a difficult procedure, but still requires a lot of running with providing the identification, paperwork and blood test in some states.
Engagement, wedding rings and gift for the bride
Groom is in charge of purchasing the engagement ring and wedding bands. Though nowadays some brides still invest their parts in the rings they prefer, grooms are the ones who make the final decisions and buy the rings.
Groom also has to buy his wife-to-be a gift and hand it the night before the big day or in the morning. That could be the item she can wear on the wedding day such as a necklace or the item she can use during the honeymoon.

Honeymoon costs
As a rule, groom and his family pay for the honeymoon, however nowadays the groom himself is responsible for this costly expense item. Besides, wedding guests can contribute some finances towards the couple’s honeymoon: for instance, the couple registers the hotel and the guests contribute to the room fees etc.


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