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5 Reasons to Have Garden or Backyard Wedding

I bet there have been a lot of moments when you were standing at your backyard and visioning your dream wedding taking place in here. Well, you are not the only person that had the same thoughts. The garden or backyard wedding could be just as striking as a traditional wedding venue one and we present you the top five reasons why you should take into consideration setting the garden or backyard wedding.

Reasons to Go for the Backyard and Garden Wedding

Limited budget. Having the backyard or garden wedding is an ideal way to save some money since instead of booking the costly wedding venue, you simply arrange a wedding celebration at the backyard that doesn’t cost you a penny.


Intimacy. What could be more intimate than inviting the close friends and family members in the place where you grew to celebrate the most important day in your life? The backyard wedding shouts about the intimacy and sentimentality. Besides, the size of the lodgings will make you keep the guest list short. Take into consideration that more is not necessarily better. In some cases the intimate and warm atmosphere is what you are looking for.


Less stressful. In case you and your partner are inclined to stress, this is one of the means to keep the stress at the low level. You will probably feel more comfortable celebrating the big moment at your or parents’ home. However take into consideration that you will still need a lot of help. Leave the intentions to do everything by yourself just because the wedding takes place on your property.


Flexibility. The good thing is that with a backyard wedding you are not obliged to follow the set of rules and regulations prescribed by the venue, instead you will make the rules yourself. The well-known venues sometimes host a couple weddings a day, so you might face the time constraints, which will bring the unnecessary stress into your big day. While the backyard or garden weddings allows some flexibility in terms of the time scheduling.


Striking photos. Isn’t it wonderful having the photos of you and your fiancée surrounded by the bright blooms under the romantic lighting? With a bit of the teamwork it might work ideal and the future generations will enjoy the photos of you two taken in the family house.


Hopefully these five tips will give you a serious motivation to have the perfect garden or backyard wedding. It is an ideal option for those people that love their matrimonial home and want to make it a part of their wedding celebration.

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