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5 Ideas of the Unique Wedding Entertainment

Setting the ideal wedding can be intimidating. The key is in keeping the excellent balance between the original, memorable and pleasant. Keep in mind that the wedding intended to be enjoyable and you and your guests are supposed to have fun on the wedding day. We bring you the 5 original wedding entertainment ideas.

5 ideas of the original wedding entertainment

Lawn games
In case your wedding day is scheduled on the summer season or you are sure to have the good weather, organizing the outdoor games is an ideal way to keep all the guests entertained in the period between the wedding ceremony and the breakfast. Lawn game is an excellent activity for the guests of distinct ages and at the same time a law-cost option that guarantees couple hours of fun. Giant chess, jenga, croquet sets and lawn bowls could be rented and purchased online, but check with your venue beforehand since your venue might have something available.
Cocktail style bar tender
Amuse your guest with the bar tenders that will allow demonstrating the bottle spinning and cocktail shaking. A lot of mobile bar renting companies offer the wedding packages that include the bar setting up as well as the range of drinks. Consider creating your signature cocktail beforehand and serving it to your guests either during the cocktail hour or at the moment they enter the reception venue.
Photos taken by the guests
Consider using the low-cost disposable cameras as your wedding favors and have your guests take the photos of your wedding. This will allow you to have the photos of the moments that your photographer might miss. To make it even more entertaining, put an “I Spy” list together to be placed on the tables. Your guests will try to advance and your pictures will definitely become the excellent addition to your wedding reminisces.
Music is an inalienable part of the wedding reception, but what is the best way to choose the wedding band or DJ? Sure, the wedding band has to be rousing enough to get your guests up to dance, but why not to go for the genre of music that suits your wedding style. If you plan to have the wedding with a vintage feel, consider hiring the jazz band to promote some swing dancing. Moreover, you might even organize the dance classes for the members of your wedding party beforehand. In case you are looking for something unique and quirky, consider hiring the ceili band to add the Irish vibe to the reception. In the ceili the steps are shout out loud so each of your guests will be able to join.
Fireworks are the traditional celebratory element that will definitely impress and make for the striking send off at the end of the wedding reception. Instead, you may schedule fireworks earlier on so that the guests that plan to leave earlier might see them: one of the options is having the firework display follow the cake cutting. There is a great selection of the distinct fireworks including the ones that burst into the heart, floral explosion or “lancework” types, which should be attached to the wall or trees for the truly one-of-a-kind experience. However, make sure to purchase the fireworks from the licensed retailer and hire the trained and certified executor.


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