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4 Reasons To Skip Seating Plan

Okay this may sound alamrming to many brides but there is no reason to panic about not having a seating plan. Just think about it. People are coming to your wedding to celebrate, not perform as a carefully picked entourage. Let people socialize more freely without having to excercise control here, there and everywhere. If you know someone is bound to bring trouble or fight with other guests, just don’t invite them or at least have someone else handle them.

Skip Seating Plan

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One More Planning Task Off Your List

With all the planning you’ll be doing isn’t it great to think that a seating plan is off your list? Don’t sweat over it and let the guests take their own seats.

Guests Will Feel More Comfortable

If you are worried that the guests won’t talk to each other if they aren’t acquainted take time to introduce your aunt Jodie to your work colleague or new friends during the reception. Your guests will feel more comfortable sitting with people they know and enjoying their company.

Guest List Under 50

Having an intimate ceremony and celebration? Why add another task to an already massive to-do list? Besides there aren’t too many people so you can allow them to choose whatever seats they like. If you want to seat family closer to your table just reserve a couple of tables closest to you and make sure they know it’s for them.

Avoid Awkwardness

If your family and friends aren’t too familiar with each other it could be awkward seating them together. Besides relationships gone sour happen often so the people who don’t quite get along would prefer sitting far apart.

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