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4 Don’ts When You Are Bride

Tips for a perfect wedding reception
Tips for a perfect wedding reception
Being a bride is a very responsible mission. Not only are you supposed to look gorgeous, but also you have a whole list of duties to fulfill and rules to obey. Besides, depending on different circumstances, there might pop up a whole bunch of other things to take into account. So as one can see, this is not only about having fun and chatting with your guests – unless of course you have a very limited audience and as a result fewer things to worry about. If you want everything to run smoothly, then you totally ought to check out this post and get some very useful tips on how a bride should behave and how she should not. Even if you think that you are 100 percent ready, it is always better to slightly underestimate your capabilities than overestimate and further regret.

Top 4 Things A Bride Should Never Do

First and foremost, never ever get drunk. No matter how nervous you are and how much people insist on “just a sip of wine”, do not let yourself fall for it. You have to be in such a condition, that in case anything goes wrong, you are able to fix it. And imagine what things will be like if you get totally wasted and the reception goes out of control? The whole event will be spoiled and so will your mood and reputation. Besides, with a significant amount of alcohol in our blood, we tend to behave in a very improper way: some become incredibly talkative and give away all the family ( and not only) secrets right before the guests; while others burst either into tears that last forever or into uncontrollable laughter which also looks quite weird. So if you do not have a desire to be labeled as a psycho or a lady with a very questionable reputation, you had better abstain from any alcohol at all (well, almost any – a glass of champagne will do quite fine).

Next, treat your guess in an equal and respectful way and do not get yourself in a fight. Regardless of how much you might hate a person, your attitude is not a reason to demonstrate what has to be solved out between two people. Even if the second person plays around with you, compromising and teasing, stay calm and cool and never ever react back. No one will ever enjoy the scene of a beautiful bride in a magnificent dress barking at one of the attendees. You can always leave such discussions for the better period of time (which is generally never, so it is better to let it go). Such rational behavior will save your day and keep it on a level as well as have all the guests satisfied.

Also, do not think about routine problems or upcoming issues that will need your attention only in a couple of days (or even longer). I know how hard it is for a woman to abstract from all the thoughts and dreams and move back to Earth and its harsh reality. However, one ought to do so – and especially on such an important day. Whatever problems you need to be solved can wait for another day, so do yourself a favor and fully concentrate on the agenda of the reception.

Stop worrying. This must be the most significant and complicated step  of any. All our issues come from the extra amount of concerns – and why do we have concerns in the first place? That is right, because we do not love and value ourselves, the way we really should. Therefore, stop criticizing yourself and start enjoying every minute as if it was your favorite one. All those minor mistakes don’t have to be included in your event’s agenda: just take things easy and only dedicate your precious attention to the worthy things.

These were the most significant aspects a bride-to-be should keep in mind. No matter how predictable they might sound to you, trust me this is a list of the most common bridal mistakes. If you have a goal to arrange a perfect wedding, then these tips are a must-have for you to follow.


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