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5 Surprising Ways To Cut Down Cost of Your Wedding

When calculating the budget for your wedding, it is important to consider all the expenses if you want it to be accurate and fitting. There are also hidden fees and unexpected circumstances to think about. But these surprising tweaks can change take your budget to a tolerable low.

Surprising Wedding Budget Cuts

Backyard wedding reception

Ask Friends and Family to Pitch In

Not money-wise, mind you. But if you are having a smaller wedding asking everyone to bring a bit of their own food can do wonders to your budget. You can do without all those similar wedding presents but the money you’ll save on reception, especially if you have it in your own backyard, can be used for a honeymoon trip of a lifetime or as a first deposit for your new home.

Have Wedding In Morning

Having your wedding and reception in the morning might really help you save money on a sit down dinner. You can also move it closer to lunch and still save on a shorter menu. If not many of your guests drink you can leave out alcohol out of it completely or offer a champagne glass for the toast.

Have Hometown Wedding

If you are from a small town it could be the best place for having your wedding as the big cities are to expensive and often overpriced.

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