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10 Biggest Wedding Costs

Wedding-FlowersThe typical wedding in US costs about $30,000 without expenses on honeymoon and engagement ring. The major part of couples has to plan and save for certain period before the big day comes, but even the most prices wedding budget could be exceeded as the wedding is getting closer.

In this article we present you the 10 biggest wedding expenses that will take the major part of your wedding budget.

10 biggest wedding expenses

Wedding stationery
Invitations are not the only elements in the stationery category. Besides invitations, you will need reply cards, save-the-date notes, reception and ceremony programs, seating cards and thank you notes. Plan to spend on invitations about $600-700, add to that sum about $200 for the rest of stationery. Hand-engraving or thermography will add the additional cost to your stationery.
Music is the sure way to get the wedding celebration rolling late into the night, that’s why it is essential to find the right musicians. While DJ can play the popular song and get your guests to start dancing, the live band will add the romantic and chic feel to your wedding.
Usually DJs charge about $900 and higher depending on the popularity, while the band will cost you approximately $3,500. Also don’t forget about the fee you will pay to the ceremony musicians: you can manage it without the complete quartette and hire just a pianist, which will cost you about $450.

Generally, the couples spend about $3,000 on alcohol drinks like champagne, wine, beer and liquor. The open bar will cost you even more. So, in case you plan to serve alcohol on your celebration, prepare to fork out since besides the cocktails, you will have to pay for the liquor permits and bartenders.
Some guests find the way out by setting a cash bar.
But in case you don’t want your guests bother themselves about paying for the drinks and have a limited budget, simply serve a main cocktail and a few types of beer and wine.

Every bride dreams about wearing the stunning wedding gown on the special day, which will cost at least several hundred dollars. The designer wedding gowns in turn are priced tens of thousands. Moreover the bridal look would appear incomplete without the accessories such as shoes, headpiece, veil, jewelry and lingerie, which will add additional $600 to the expenses.
Flowers are able to beautify any wedding reception or ceremony area. Besides, they look great on the photos. In addition to the bridal bouquet, you should consider the bridesmaids bouquets and corsages and boutonnieres for the dads. Ceremony participants like musicians, readers, greeters and ushers also require the boutonnieres and corsages. Besides you should think about the floral arrangements, centerpieces and garlands both for the ceremony and reception area. The minimum sum you should consider is $2,000.
Photography and videography
With so many activities and happy moments going on, you just cannot let it happen without being captured and thus hire the photographer.
Photographers besides the simple photos offer the complete package that may include the large bridal portrays and brag books. Unfortunately, this doesn’t cost cheap. The wedding photographers used to charge about $2,500 service provided and prints. Videographers, in turn, would cost you $1,500.

You are supposed to wear the wedding rings for the rest of your lives as symbol of a true love and commitment to each other. In general, the wedding rings will cut $2,000 off your budget. If you are looking for the luxurious diamond rings, the price will go higher the same as with the custom-designed rings.
Probably 90 percent of newlyweds leave for the romantic honeymoon once the wedding takes place. Despite the fact that the honeymoon cost often goes separately from the wedding budget, it will be still helpful to know how much it costs. The week at the tropical resort will require you to spend more than $5,000.
The price on wedding catering ranges around $63 per person, so the wedding menu is probably among the biggest wedding expenses. Besides, the cake will add from $500 to $5,000 to the wedding budget. Moreover, don’t forget about paying and tipping your servers.
Wedding venue is a big thing for every couple and it is also the biggest item of expenses. You will pay $500 for the ceremony at the church without charges for the officiant’s service, musicians etc.
If you want to step outside the border and set your reception in the unique place, get ready to fork out. For instance, the reception in the Four Seasons Hotel in New York will cost you $235 per person, reception at Walk Disney World is priced starting at $10,000 for four hours. Keep in mind that the prices go higher during the hot wedding season that lasts from May to October.


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  1. Diane Owens

    All the items listed above are major wedding expenses, but there are many ways to bring them within a manageable price range by doing some of the work yourself or just being aware of less expensive alternatives. For example, you can buy a small but great-tasting tiered wedding cake at a grocery store along with a sheet cake of the same type to cut and serve guests from, and this saves money. You can buy flowers from wholesale florists or vendors like Costco and make all the floral items yourself after reading a couple books or watching a few “how-to” videos. You can also buy some of the food and supplement it with side dishes you and your friends prepare.

    I planned and hosted a wedding and reception for my son last year in the best venue in town, with 125 guests, for a little over $9,000. It takes effort, organization, and determination — but you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a beautiful wedding!

    Diane Owens, author, ebook, Budget Wedding Secrets: How to Have a $30,000 Wedding for Less Than $10,000

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