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Why Contemporary Women Prefer Pear-Cut Engagement Rings?

Once the moment receives an engagement ring, she expects to get something that reflects her inner nature and personal sense of taste. Besides, women’s dream engagement ring has to be unique and original-looking. At the end we end up with the engagement ring with the ordinary design that doesn’t differ much from the one the majority of your friends received for their engagement. In case you really looking for something unusual and totally different, but yet stylish and versatile, you may consider the pear-cut diamond engagement ring.

Why pear-cut engagement rings are popular

There are few reasons that make the pear-cut diamond engagement rings so well-liked by the modern brides and one of the main one is the illusion of the bigger solitaire, which the pear shape tends to create. As a rule, the pear-shaped diamond engagement rings look nearly 25% bigger comparing to the round-cut diamonds.
Pear-cut diamond engagement ring
Another plus of pear-shaped engagement rings is the ability to wear them one way or another. Women tend to wear it facing them before the actual wedding and afterwards point it the opposite way once they get married. So, this kind of diamond shape can provide the versatility women look for.

And finally, the pear-shaped diamond rings make women’s fingers look slimmer, which is significant enough since women’s hands are their business card.

How to choose pear-shaped diamond engagement ring

Sure, the single pear-cut diamond on the plain ring looks elegant and stylish, if the size of the gem is big enough. But you may create the same effect for the cheaper price by opting for the center pear-cut diamond of the smaller size circled by the smaller diamonds. This way it will create the illusion of the larger stone for the budget-friendly price.
Pear-cut diamond engagement ring
Apparently, the four “C’s” rule, which includes cut, color, clarity and carat should be applied to the pear-cut diamond engagement ring just like to any other shape. Try to get the best characteristics for your money.

There are plenty of places where you can purchase the pear-cut diamond engagement ring. Sure, you can find a stunning pear-shaped engagement ring at the local store, but it will be definitely overpriced. One way is to hit the store and choose the ring you like the most. Afterwards, go online shopping in the search of the ring with the same diamond size and design. The main advantage of online shopping is the opportunity of purchasing stone with better features for the same price.
Pear-cut diamond ring

Why to choose the pear-cut diamond engagement ring

We often find ourselves wanting the engagement ring like our favorite movie star’s, but keep in mind that your engagement ring will stay on your finger for the rest of your life. So, treat the ring choosing process thoroughly. The sure way to love your ring for years is opting for the engagement ring of the classical design that won’t be out of fashion in couple years. The pear-shaped diamond engagement rings have always been in fashion and still continue to excite thousands of brides-to-be.


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