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Top 6 Jewelry Brands To Design a Wedding Band

Striking bands by Christopher Design
Striking bands by Christopher Design
A wedding band is something that you would like to put on your finger once and forever. There is no need to look for new models in the future and try to replace your current band with another one. This is the reason it is so important to choose your wedding band thoroughly, as you are supposed to wear it for the rest of your life. Hence, it also should be comfortable enough to allow you proceed with your daily and routine tasks. While there are plenty of points to keep in mind when you are choosing such a ring, this post is not going to provide with some boring tips and instructions. What I suggest you to do instead is to check out the most prominent wedding jewelry brands that release some of the most striking and outstanding wedding bands in the universe. You are likely to bump into many various designs, but be sure that what is awaiting for you below is worth dying for.

6 Most Prominent Wedding Jewelry Brands

Christopher Design offers a set of absolutely gorgeous and unique designs. I you find the regular models too boring and cliche, then this is obviously what you need. Trust me, that with such a band embracing your finger, the very question of taking it off will be very hard to decide upon on. If you got interested by this small yet important detail, there are more things to come. I am pretty sure that once you spot the examples from the latest collection, you will fall in love with these cool and astonishing pieces. Everything from a purple and white encrusted band to the one featuring a myriad of diamonds looks drop dead gorgeous and desirable.

In case you are not used to wearing catchy and bright designs like the ones above, then you should probably go for something more moderate and formal. Tacori has an extensive collection of beautiful bands to offer you! Just a single look at the featured items will blow anyone’s mind away – and especially of the true fans of classic. The thin and delicate designs are full of elegant touch and precious zest. These pieces look as if they should be beautifying fingers of some royal representatives – and this is one of the numerous advantages that Tacori provides their customers with.

Scott Kay has also something for you to drool over. This brands presents a very intriguing and appealing collection, which is by all means worth being checked out. The striking design is intertwined with the superior quality – which all together equals to a breath-taking image. You can be completely sure that any of these rings will make your finger look more exquisite and lovely, so do not even hesitate to go for an item.

Simon G features a very compelling and unique collection as well. The brand features a number of stunning items which are all can be considered by you as possible solutions. The intricate design of these bands as well as the color options will by all means make one crave any of these models. If you like uneven and asymmetrical shapes, then you are most likely to fall in love with these cute bands.

Neil Lane offers anything from a solid gold band with ruby styling along the inside part of the ring to a classic one encrusted with sapphires. Depending on what your preferences are (as well the budget), you get to choose from quite an extensive list of beautiful bands that will all make an equal contribution to both your wedding day and your further marriage. If you happen to be a huge fan of monochrome and would like to stick with this color palette in a band choice as well, then I guarantee that you like this alluring twisted ring with white and black gemstones.

Last but not least comes Verragio. This brand is more on the classic side and offers some cute and very lovely bands that won’t necessarily take your breath away and make your mouths water. Quite the contrary, the designs are more than expected and the style is not of a surprising one. Yet, somehow these models appear to be very attractive and cool. I guess it is the fact that people tend to go fro things they actually trust – and normally trust is built with time. So whatever has been on the agenda for the past several decades stays the same today, no matter how much we would like to drive changes.

These were some of the most famous and great jewelry brands that design wedding jewelry. Hopefully that many of you now know which brands to go for.

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