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Men’s Wedding Band Trends for 2013

Men's Wedding Band
In case the idea of wearing a traditional wedding band doesn’t make you happy, don’t get upset since more and more men nowadays tend to lean towards fresh styles of wedding bands in contemporary style, which allows better expressing their personal style. We bring you the three striking wedding band styles for men that are turning into the traditional options.

Trendy Wedding Bands for Men

Black Wedding Bands

Ten years ago one could hardly think of wearing a black-colored wedding band, but today people are not exposed to superstitions that much. Black wedding bands are one of the quickest-growing tendencies among contemporary grooms. While looking absolutely different when comparing to the traditional gold and silver bands, black wedding bands are still elegant and classy enough to be worn on a daily basis. Besides, they can boast a small price tag since black-colored wedding bands are made from titanium, stainless steel, ceramic and tungsten. In case you are a fan of black color but still think it’s gloomy, consider the two-colored rings with touches of black.

Black Men's Wedding Band

Wedding Bands from Modern Materials

Gold and platinum are no longer the traditional materials for the grooms’ wedding bands. Today’s reality demonstrates that men tend to switch to the rings made from the budget-friendly materials like titanium, cobalt chrome and tungsten. Besides being reasonably priced, these materials are also distinguished by great strength and durability. In case you want a traditionally-looking ring made from the contemporary materials, consider the one from cobalt chrome or white tungsten.

White Gold Men's Wedding Band

Diamond-Encrusted Wedding Bands

Seems like diamonds are not only girl’s best friends as the potential grooms prefer to wear the diamond-encrusted wedding bands on their ring fingers. While some men opt for the rings that maximally match the bride’s ring, others choose the ones that look a little more luxurious than a simple band. In fact, the diamond wedding bands for men are less costly comparing to those of the brides’ since a smaller number of stones and contemporary budget-friendly materials are used to produce the rings. White diamonds still remain a top choice for men’s wedding bands, however, a lot of grooms prefer cognac and black-colored stones.

Diamond Men's Wedding Band

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