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How to Sell Gold Wedding Rings


Regardless the fact whether it is the reminder of the unhappy relationship or the heirloom, take into consideration that you might sell the gold wedding ring in case of the financial problems. But before you start with that, you need to do some homework, which will enhance the chances of the profitable realization.
Take your ring to the competent and accredited appraiser that will give you an estimated cost of the ring. Once you get the appraisal, make sure to read it thoroughly and figure the meaning of the phrases and words that seem to be unclear.
Take into consideration that you won’t be able to get the ring back once you conclude the bargain.
Take your ring to the professional purchaser to obtain the quote. Sometimes the buyer will want to make the metal testing. It is essential not to allow the buyer to spoil the ring.
Put it for sale on eBay. Take in consideration that the simple item description works best: it should contain information about the ring weight, karat and any distinguishing marks. Keep in mind that the buyer won’t be able to try it on, so provide him with the high-quality photos.
Usually the gold wedding rings cannot boast the high resale value, in spite the craftsmanship and emotional aspect. The simplest way is selling the ring for scrap, but in this case you are most likely to get nearly 25 percent of the ring’s initial price.

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