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How To Protect Wedding Ring

How To Protect Wedding Ring

After the engagement or wedding your wedding ring/band will probably be one of your regular jewelry pieces. Day to day wear can leave a mark on your wedding ring so it’s important to know how to protect it in various situations.

First of all make sure to keep the ring box or some special jewelry sack that will keep your ring safe while you’re not wearing it. The ring box is an ideal storage for a ring as it has a hard case that protects the stone and ring metal from damage and scratching.

Take It Off

Dealing with abrasive cleansers or simply going into shower? Take the ring off and put it into the ring box. This is the best ways to protect your ring from soap, harsh chemicals, and other products that might compromise your ring’s shine. Make sure to keep the ring box in one place at all times and to put the ring into the box when you take it off. This way you reduce the chance of losing it.


Clean the ring on a regular basis to prevent dirt buildup which can make the ring look dull. Use special jewelry cleansers and soft bristle toothbrush to clean your wedding ring. Or better yet have it professionally cleaned once a year.

How To Protect Wedding Ring

Use Ring Wrapper

Ring wrapper (also known under different trademark names) is a special silicone band that is worn over your ring to protect it from damage, scratches and slippage. It’s a great solution for those who travel a lot, or works manually. The ring wrappers come in translucent styles and different colors to allow you to see your ring through.

Regular cleaning and protection from chemicals and damage can be enough to keep your ring’s shine. These easy tips will help you keep your ring in clean undamaged state for a long time.


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