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How to Choose Wedding Rings


The band-ringsprocess of choosing the wedding band could be much simpler than choosing the engagement ring. All you need to decide on is the color and the appropriate width.  Traditionally women wear their wedding ring on the same finger as the engagement ring in the following sequence: first goes the wedding ring since it should be closer to the heart and then the engagement ring. If you prefer following the good old tradition, then you should consider the way the two rings will look together in terms of the color and the width.

How to choose the wedding bands

There are no strict rules that require the wedding band and the engagement ring to be made from the same metal. A lot of women prefer the symmetry of two similarly matching rings, while others like the contrast of the two band colors. It is up to the bride, she may even opt for the platinum band to be worn with the white gold engagement ring.

The same principle acts when you are deciding whether you want your wedding band to match or complement the wedding band of your spouse. Don’t worry, it is acceptable to opt for the band made from the different metal or of the distinct color than your spouse’s. The only thing that matters- you should choose the ring that you love today and will love in the future.
Wedding ring
Such a notion as the right fit of the wedding ring means not just the proper sizing, but also the overall design of the ring. Usually affianced go for the traditional or the comfort-fit design. The band with the traditional design has the flat interior surface and plain arched exterior, while the comfort-fit rings have the slightly rounded inside edges for the prolonged and comfortable wear.

As for the width of the wedding band, you should take into account the width of the bride’s engagement ring. It is acceptable for brides to have these two rings of the different width; many women tend to prefer them to be of the identical or at least similar width.
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The shape of the hand also plays the significant role when selecting the ring of certain width. Ideally, your ring should suit the shape of your hand: long and narrow hands require the narrow bands, while the broad bands look best on the broad and short hands. But again, your own taste and the personal preferences should play the decisive role in the selection process.

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