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What Diamond Shape Says About the Bride


It doesn’t matter whether you like to go classic or stay on the top of the current trend, diamonds in the engagement rings are out of fashion and time. All that matter is the size, color, cut and purity, where the bigger size, the higher purity and the white color are the key characteristics of a worthy diamond.

In fact, in today’s abundance of various diamond shapes, every groom is be able to find the perfect ring shape that would best suit his wife to be. In order to simplify the engagement ring choosing process, let’s discuss what diamond shapes various women tend to prefer.



Shapes of Diamonds

Round. Engagement rings with a round-cut diamonds are probably the most popular ones, which is very reasonable. The round shape allows diamond sparkling like none other owing to its 58 facets. Usually brides that like the round-shaped diamonds are the true traditionalists and thus tend to incline to the classic shapes.
Princess. Princess is also very popular among the contemporary brides. Usually it is the favorite of brides that would like something traditional, but with the special appeal. The pointed corners of this princess-cut diamond are intended for women who perceive their engagement rings as a stylish accessory.
Emerald. The diamonds with the emerald-cut are distinguished with the fewer facets that tend to reveal any flaws. If your bride is not afraid of taking risks and throwing herself in uncertainty, just like Angelina Jolie who got the emerald-cut engagement ring from Brad Pitt, then this design is definitely for her.
Cushion. The shape of the cushion-cut diamond is something between the round-shaped and the princess-cut style. If your bride belongs to the romantic type of people, then the cushion-cut diamond is intended for her.
Asscher. It got its popularity shortly after the Carrie Bradshaw, the icononic personage of Sex and the City, modeled her asscher-cut engagement ring during the staged brief engagement to Aidan Shaw. So, if your fiancée is either a huge fan of Carrie or a fashion conscious, this shape will surely suit her best.
Radiant. Radiant-cut diamond fully corresponds to its name. Even though the shape is similar to the emerald-cut diamond, the additional facets provide the extra sparkles. Brides that like showing off what they got will be definitely happy to get the ring with the radiant-cut diamond.

Heart. The heart-shaped diamond is probably the boldest shape, so avoid getting a heart-shaped solitaire for the shy bride who is afraid of being the center of attention.
Heart shaped diamond
Oval. Oval-shaped diamond boasts the ability to sparkle just like the round-cut stone owing to the same amount of facets. This classy shape is favorite among self-confident brides with the good taste.
Marquise. This one is my favorite. Marquise-cut diamonds have the attractive feature- they appear larger than they are in reality. This shape is supposed to maximize the carat weight of the stone, which appeals to brides who look for the impressive budget-friendly engagement ring.

. It became popular once the style icon Victoria Beckham received the pear-shaped engagement ring from another style icon David Beckham. It is the hybrid of the oval and marquise shape, what makes it appear unique and very stylish. This shape is intended for women who are not afraid of setting their own standards of style.


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