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Choosing Alternative Wedding Rings

Traditional wedding rings/bands are longstanding classics, but sometimes they just don’t fit in with our style or budget. Thankfully, there are some very creative alternatives that can emphasize your style and be as symbolic as traditional wedding rings/bands.

Alternative Wedding Rings

Deborah Pagani Grey Diamond Jerry Ring

Wooden Rings

Wooden wedding rings are not only budget-friendly but also green. There are rings made entirely out of wood or with metal frame. Though wood is a sturdy material it can get damaged by water and harsh chemicals so a little maintenance is required.

Unusual Forms

Though most rings are perfectly round you can opt for faceted, angled, and decorated bands that will add style to your look and won’t clash with your modern wardrobe. Some rings may not be continuous having small breaks in them. These can also comes in various precious and non-precious metals as well as other materials like resin, ceramic, and rocks.

Unique Design

If you want truly exceptional rings or bands you can create your own design and have jeweler create them for you. You can choose form, materials, stones, and finish and you can also use your old jewelry to make these new rings.


Tattoos have been long used as wedding ring alternatives. These may not only be on your ring fingers though. Now couples tattoo their names, vows, and favorite love phrases on their palms and wrists as well.

There are many other alternatives on the market right now for almost any budget. You can opt for tiny thin wedding rings to save money and they can still look beautiful. You can opt out of rings with precious stones and go for crystals and finally you can choose from a wide array of alternative materials that also include porcelain, plastic, silicone, and glass.

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