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All You Need to Know About Colored Diamonds

More and more couples nowadays tend to favor colored diamonds and prefer the engagement rings with these original gemstones over the traditional transparent or white diamonds. Wondering where those colored diamonds come from?

Some of them are mined in their natural bright colors, while others are artificially colored by gemologists and jewels. In fact, the diamond production companies started coloring the diamonds of the lower qualities in yellow or brownish hues into the stunning bright colored gemstones.

Colored diamonds change their natural color while being exposed to the process called irradiation- the system that exposes diamonds to intensive heating. Transparent and white diamonds change their color when being painted.

Colored diamonds

Natural colored diamonds
Colored diamonds are usually graded and valued depending on their colorless qualities, but some people still favor the chic colored gemstones that come in artificially created bright hues such as green, pink, yellow and red. In case the stone has the nitrogen, it obtains the yellow hue. If the radiation takes place and affect the gemstone, it may turn it green.
You should keep in mind before purchasing the colored diamond that its grading process differs from that of the typical transparent diamond. First of all, the colored diamond is valued based on its initial color that makes up the major part of the gemstone. Second criteria- color intensity. The diamonds that are naturally colored are the rare occasion comparing to those with the less intense hue, what makes them more costly. Moreover, treated solitaires will always cost less than those naturally colored.
Synthetic colored diamonds
The major part of the diamonds in the world is mined, but there are the scientific ways of creating the synthetic solitaires. Despite the fact that synthetic gemstones are still considered to be the real diamonds, they are still not as wonderful as the creation of nature.
Names of colored diamonds
Because of the fact that colored diamonds exist in so many various shades, it is often hard to define the name for the diamond color. Usually you may see the combination of two colors used to naming the shade of the gemstone, for instance greenish blue. The name includes both the main color description and the secondary one. In case where the diamond is labeled as greenish blue, the greenish is the secondary color, while the blue is primary one. Thus the greenish blue’s basic hue is blue with the green specks.
Another color name you may meet in the world of diamonds- the combination of two colors such as brown red. In this case the gemstone will include the equal amount of these two colors.


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