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20 Mind-Blowing Creative Engagement Rings

Engagement ring with a unique design
Engagement ring with a unique design
A ring is a very important attribute of any wedding. The exciting process of preparation starts with the ring in the first place – it is that sweet moment when your beloved proposes you that makes every woman so incredibly happy. Of course, it does not really matter what kind of a ring it is; the essence of the moment is much more important. However, you have to agree that afterwards, when all the emotions are more or less cooled down and your inner state is more stable, you will evaluate your engagement ring anyway. Most of the time it is a simple and very regular piece in gold which can be spotted here and there. Yet, this does not necessarily mean that you have to wear the very same pieces. Quite the contrary, this post is dedicated to the most creative and unique engagement rings that one can think of. If you would like to have one of them, you will have to work hard on making signs for your beloved one.

20 Adorable Engagement Rings With Unique Design

Have you ever thought of an engagement ring in black metal? This striking piece on the image above definitely looks very unique. I have never seen a single lady who would rock such an accessory and I bet we all love to have something extraordinary. This is quite a reason to wear such an item. Besides, it looks super stylish and cool.

If you prefer more delicate and exquisite fits as well as more vibrant shades, then here is a piece that you won’t be able to resist. This magnificent design features a rich embroidery as well as beautiful color composition. Sky blue and fuchsia pink go along in a perfect way and in addition to the lovely silver design creates a striking impression.

Rings with an ancient touch are good for those who adore history and everything that is related to it. This gorgeous piece seems to have a message decoded in one of the alphabets which looks super cool. This is obviously not an ancient language, but it is still very alluring and catchy. I can imagine what reaction such an engagement ring may cause among your friends and other people.

Knuckle rings can also become a part of your engagement attribute. Although you are supposed to wear this ring on one single finger – and we all know which exactly it is, there is always an exception to any rule. Why not to create your own one this time? There is just one thing to keep in mind though – it won’t be very comfortable to rock such a ring.

If you and your beloved one are huge fans of science-fiction movies and books, then you will definitely fall for this cute piece. This ring actually looks like UFO’s spaceship or something similar to it. I am totally in love with the design of this item as well as the unique color combination. Electric blue looks gorgeous against elegant silver – this combo makes it even hard to stay indifferent toward this engagement ring.

Another piece that is quite abstract too has a much more simple design; yet, it does not diminish its beauty. The perfect style and fines lines create quite an engaging and stylish look, while the sky blue offsets the coolness of the metal. I fell for this ring the moment I saw it; so I can officially declare this ring to be my favorite one.

If you both are gamers, I would highly recommend you this adorable ring in silver. It can be in any different material (from precious gold to funky plastic) – there is just one detail to be preserved in any case. The well-known dice design makes this piece absolutely unique and outstanding and brings in a very philosophical zest. Life is a game and marriage is just another level you are accomplishing.

An engagement ring featuring Hello Kitty or any other cartoon and movie character would be a great accessory to your wedding, in case you are planning to throw it up in a similar theme. You can have any of your favorite characters encrypted on your engagement ring – as long as it makes you more happy, it will work. There is absolutely no limit to your imagination in this case: you are welcome to come up with any design you can think of.

If you would like to see some more of the unique ring designs, take a look at the gallery below and get you Saturday inspiration.


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