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Wedding Reception Under $500

Wedding Reception Table
Wedding day is probably one of the most important moments in a couple’s live, but you don’t have to spend the fortune to plan a dream wedding reception. In case you are short of money it could be tough spending a lot on your wedding reception in the formal style. So consider going for the more casual and thus less costly reception, which will cost you less than $500.

How to Set Wedding Reception Under $500

Start searching for the inexpensive or free of charge sites. Make an early booking since the demand is high and don’t forget to make a written agreement to avoid any annulment. Consider the sites that aren’t often used as wedding reception venues like the state parks and the picnic shelters. Another option is renting an area at the church or civic organization.
Couple Walking at Park
The afternoon reception will allow you to save on the food since your guests won’t feel that hungry in between the meals. So, instead of the full meals you will be serving the finger foods.

Look for the original entertainment programs. The sound system could be taken from the local church and involve the local ice cream vendor if it is a family event you will be able to treat each one of your guests with the snow cone of their choice for less than $50. Call up your talented friends that can sing or dance for you and don’t forget to fill your MP3 player with the striking dance tunes.

Wedding Venue Decoration

Hit the local thrift and dollar stores as well as other discounted stores for the cheap décor elements and wedding favors. Keep in mind that the after-Easter sales at discount stores offer the bright plates, napkins and other stationery for less than a dollar. The factory outlet malls also sell some beautiful wedding décor elements with a 50 percent discount during the off-season.

Replace the traditional wedding cake with some sheet ones with distinct flavors. Make sure not to tell the baker they are going to be the wedding cake, instead call them the party cakes since the wedding label on the cake usually increases its price.

Party Cakes

Avoiding the alcohol will save you a lot of money. Besides, no one will get drunk and ruin your perfect day.

Check with the florists whether they can provide you with the left over rose petals since often they have some after grooming the roses. Besides adding a romantic atmosphere to the ceremony, the rose petals are environmentally friendly and easy to clean up.

Wedding Venue Centerpieces

Involve your friends and family members in helping you with the wedding reception décor. For instance, the table arrangements from the flowers of candles could be made by the skillful bridesmaids. Believe me your beloved ones will help you with pleasure, just let them know about your needs.

There is an old tradition to give the wedding gift that is equal in price to the reception meal. So there are cases when friends don’t attend the wedding celebration since they cannot afford a gift. By having a casual reception, you are guaranteed to have a perfect attendance.

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