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Wedding Bike: Pros & Cons

Wedding bike
Wedding bike
If you are looking for a perfect wedding vehicle, there are not so many options to choose among. Most of the time couples go for a white car, be it a luxurious limousine or a vintage model. In any case, the vehicle is embellished with floral designs in pastel shades, vibrant ribbons or anything else that fits into the overall style of the reception. There are some rare cases when you can spot a carriage styled with an olden touch or else a completely unconventional transport, such as a truck for instance. While this choice depends exclusively on your taste as well as the concept of your event, there are still some tips to follow and ideas to consider when you are in a process of planning. For example, why not to throw in some creativity into your big day and have a healthy and fun ride on a bike instead of hiding inside of yet another car? If this idea sounds too weird or unacceptable to you, read on this post and I can guarantee that by the time you are done, you will not consider any other option except for this one.

To Be Or Not To Be: A Wedding Bicycle

First of all, such a vehicle is super sustainable, so if you happen to care about environmental issues a lot, this will obviously be your ultimate choice. Just imagine how satisfied your environmentalist soul will be, when you realize that there is no need to burn fuel and poison the atmosphere. I am sure that your actions will be highly praised by the ecological communities all around the world. Plus, you can add it to your own collection of good deeds and tell your kids how much input you made towards sustainable development of our planet.

There is also an economic side to this decision. To be precise – an economical one: you will save a good amount of money, as you won’t have to pay a fortune for the rent of the car, the driver or the extensive embellishment. All you will have to do is to find a good and spacy bike, decorate it accordingly and enjoy the windiest ride ever. Of course, you have a chance to use a more fancy and engaging piece; in this case it might cost you a bit more, but you will still stay within budget limits.

Such a bike can become a great long-lasting symbol of your marriage. After all, it will be both of you who will make it move in an equal way. This can serve as a model for all the following ventures that you will initiatetogether, as a family. Hence, if you were looking for an excellent wedding talisman, you can easily consider it as an option. Especially taking into account the rising popularity of this transport, you can be sure that your good luck charm will stay on trend even in a few years.

You can also create super alluring and creative photo sets featuring a wedding bike. Instead of posing against a richly adorned car or a carriage with horses and receiving a number of rather cliché pictures afterwards, it makes sense to start preparing a beautiful album ahead of time. If you choose for such a shooting, then the world is your oyster: feel free to feature any photography style as well as props possible. Browse through the web pages and get some inspiration from the real wedding images – this will give you a clear and precise idea on where exactly youstand and what is at your disposal. Also, consult with your photographer and the agency responsible for the organization of your reception (if any): they will guide you in a proper way as well.

Lastly, here comes a question of styling. I am sure that many of you wonder how much a bicycle actually matches the concept of your wedding reception. Say, you are planning to throw a fashionable party and then depart on a bike? How such a scenario will look in practice? Well, this is a rather expected query and let me dispel your doubts: as the experience shows, there are plenty of events in a very regular style and with a bike as wedding transportation means. So do not let any stereotypes or prejudices affect your decision in any way. If you browse through the gallery below, you will discover a lot of examples in support of this statement.

As you can see, there is nothing extraordinary about featuring a bicycle as a wedding vehicle. It is all about whether you will feel comfortable riding such a transportation piece; the rest is not relevant at all.

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