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Top 5 Unusual Wedding Venues

These days a beach wedding isn’t something unusual, unless of course the reception is held on a yacht. But there are still some unlikely places that can help create a unique atmosphere for your wedding than the all too familiar courthouse or city hall. Besides these places can also be used for reception and dinner.

Unusual Wedding Venues


Castle Hill Inn

Want to make your beach wedding more interesting? Search for nearest lighthouse and have it there. There are also so many amazing photo opportunities, you’ll want to see and show your photo album again and again.


Hatley Castle

What can be more romantic than a wedding in an old castle. You’re a princess and he is your prince, and a castle is, well, a perfect setting for your royal wedding. You can choose a big luxurious historic building or a smaller castle in the country. Some are even full into wedding business so they may offer you a selection of wines or an exquisite cuisine.


Hans Fahden Vineyards in Calistoga

Alright holding a wedding in a cave might seem too extreme for some or even dangerous if you just walk into the wild and pick any cave to your liking but you can definitely have a wedding at a beautiful natural cave safely for a few hundreds of dollars.


Hotel d’Inghilterra

A roof can become a great wedding venue. It can be a hotel or restaurant roof and it can feature anything from a rooftop garden to a swimming pool. Besides what a great opportunity to watch the night sky and light paper lanterns sending them flying up and higher.


The Tree House at The Lodge on Loch Goil

Rent a cabin in the woods near a lake to celebrate your fairy tale wedding. Invite a few close friends and family members and spend a weekend together enjoying the peace and quiet as well as the beautiful nature.

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