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Striking Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas

Mini Cake Wedding Table Centerpiece Got tired of flower centerpieces? Have a pollen allergy or simply want to step away from the traditional flower arrangements and opt for something unique? We bring you a range of original reception table centerpiece alternatives to amaze your guests. Any of these ideas could be adapted for your particular wedding celebration. Get inspired by our striking ideas and go for the one that best matches your style and preferences.

Original Ideas for Wedding Table Centerpieces


According to the old Chinese science Feng Shui – water attracts prosperity, health and happiness, so consider using aquarium centerpieces with floating candles or flowers, gems, shells, stones or even live fish inside. One of the options is coloring the water, so that it suits the overall wedding theme.

Water Wedding Table Centerpiece


Nothing can be compared to the delicate and romantic light from the candles and that what makes them perfect reception centerpieces. Offered in a myriad of colors, designs and sizes, you can easily blend different candles to create something truly amazing. In case the tables are not big enough to accommodate a lot of candles, consider using a sophisticated candle holder in silver or gold. It would be great to pick the scented candles instead of the plain ones to add an aroma effect as well.

Candles Wedding Table Centerpiece

Edible arrangements

Want your table arrangements to have both functions – decorative and edible – then opt for the whimsical table arrangements made from fruit. Besides bringing a splash of color to your tables, fresh fruit ooze sweet smell. For the truly stunning and one-of-a-kind table centerpieces, consider complementing your fruit arrangements with the chocolate fondue or chocolate fountain.

Fruits Wedding Table Centerpiece


Looking for budget-friendly and original table centerpieces? Consider using photos of your couple. Include the photos from your engagement photoshoot or choose the striking photos that best demonstrate your relationship. Moreover, consider replacing the traditional table numbers with the creative table names complemented with matching photos like “The first kiss”, “The proposal”, etc.

Photo Wedding Table Centerpiece


We are used to associate balloons with the birthday parties, however you might use the balloon wedding centerpieces, which are both fun and inexpensive. Besides being bold and festive, balloons allow effective filling the empty spaces. Go for the balloons with the pearl effect and don’t forget to personify your balloons with some text or your initials.

Balloons Wedding Table Centerpiece


Want to impress your guests with delicious and yet beautiful table centerpieces? Choose the mini cakes. Simply order them in the same style as your wedding cake from bakery. For the budget-friendly option, consider making them yourself: order the plain cupcakes from bakery and decorate them with the unique design of your choice the day before the wedding celebration.

Mini Cake Wedding Table Centerpiece

Comment jars

Comment jar is an original alternative to the traditional guests book: ask your guests to write their wishes and advices on the small pieces of paper, which should be then put into the glass jars placed in the center of the tables. Once the wedding day is over, you might include these messages into your wedding photo album or make a collage.

Message Jars Wedding Table Centerpiece

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