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Signing Waiters- New Wedding Entertainment

There are the numerous methods to entertain the wedding guests, but the signing waiters will definitely amaze them. Inspired by the UK movie “Love Actually”, the singing waiters will add the original twist to your wedding celebration without being distracted from their waiting service.

Singing waiters on your wedding reception

Schedule it properly
The ideal time for the singing waiters is the period before and after the main course. It should in most part depend on the wedding program and your preferences. Start spontaneously or after the hint and you and your guests are guaranteed the revelry.
Discuss the repertoire beforehand
Have the waiters perform the songs in the style that will best suit the thematic of the occasion. This way they will make a striking addition to your wedding reception.
Surprise element
Your guests will barely expect the waiters to start signing, but no more than the newlyweds. It is a perfect chance to surprise your beloved one with the lovely song; they won’t divine its coming for sure.
Be unique
Probably not many people from your milieu had the singing waiters at their wedding celebrations and this type of entertainment will definitely make your wedding a one of a kind. Who knows, maybe you will set the new trend in your region.
Entertainment value
Singing waiters will add the unique vibe to the main course: it could be either the all-out public performance or the by-table serenade. Moreover, your guests might want to get involved by signing along.
Usually it is a two in one service, so you are not spending too much money on that. Thus, combining the singing and the waiting service is also a chance to save some money rather than paying for these services separately. Singing waiters do charge differently, so it actually depends on your wedding budget, personal preferences etc. Ensure to carefully listen to what they have to offer to your and figure their repertoire before booking.


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