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How to Set the Reception of Your Dream

Eager to have the reception that everybody will memorize for the nearest couple years, but don’t know what to start from, then this article is intended for you. Remember, it is possible to step outside the border and organize the reception like no one else- just don’t be afraid of trying something new and letting your true desires outside. And these inspiring ideas will help you bring your personal style to this out-of-the-world wedding celebration.

The first and the main step is defining you two as a couple, finding your likes and dislikes. You should discuss with your fiancé or bride on how you see your ideal wedding reception and start the embodiment process depending on your mutual decision.

Please be aware of the complex themes like the Hawaiian luau or casino Royal since they are not only hard to implement, but also very costly. You may find inspiration in the unexpected thing like the pink rose or snowflakes or even the sunset. If you need more ideas, the 15 steps for setting your dream reception are there for you.

Wedding reception guide

Right venue. Finding the perfect venue makes the half of the reception. Everybody would agree that having the reception at the hotel ballroom gives a different tone to the wedding than having it on the backyard of your grandfather’s farm. Look through all the possible options like the nightclubs, movie theaters, roof gardens, restaurants, art galleries or historic mansions. And you may easily transform the place of your choice into a totally different venue by setting up screens and decorating it with fabrics. Besides, you will be surprised to know that lighting can change the mood as well.
Come up with the theme. Coming up with the theme that would go through all the elements of your wedding starting from the paper products to the party itself will really make your wedding unforgettable. Introduce your theme in every single aspect from the reception venue to the way you and your guests look on this special day: have your guests come in concordance with the dress-code.

Guest book
. You may set a photo booth so that you friends and family members could carry home their pictures from your wedding. These pics will shoes the true you without embellishing what make them more special. Later you may compile them into a visual wedding-day guest book.
Décor. The feel and the character of the wedding is in most parts predicated by the décor. In order to achieve the romantic atmosphere on the wedding reception, decorate the place with the dozens of red roses and golden ornamentation. The casual elegance could be set by simply lighting the candles, having the flowers float in the fish bowls and the string quarter playing the classic ballads.
Go classic. Classics is never out of fashion. White-on-white is a sure way to a beautiful wedding reception. Sure, lately people are searching for the unique color schemes and styling, but there are also those who want to go traditional way. Discuss with your florist the mixing of the different shades of white (ivory cloths with white overlays, for instance). The white wedding cake along with the white rolled fondant frosting accented with the ivory sugar blossoms would perfectly complement the overall white theme. And the final touch- waiters wearing the white tuxedos and of course the white limo.
Mix the textures and shapes. You will be surprised to find out that using the monochromatic color gamma could look stunning. It could be either blue, violet or kiwi green. By setting up various sizes and shapes of tables and by using the distinct textures or designs of the fabrics, you may achieve the unbelievable results. Despite the fact that your color palette will remain the same, each tabletop will boast the different personality and feel.
Set the tables apart. There is no a mandatory order to setting the tables. So, you may spread the tables the way you want by giving each of them its own identity. You may also set the different decorating elements that will differ from table to table.
Make it intimate. In case you chose the spacious reception are, make the atmosphere more intimate by adding the lounge furniture to narrow the free place. If it is impossible to bring in the couches or chairs, you may have 4 people sitting at the table instead of eight. Another option is draping the walls and ceilings with the velvet fabrics. Also learn how to make your reception memorable.


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