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Remarkable Wedding Exits

Wedding-exitThink that the ordinary limo along with the few firecrackers is not showy enough for your notable exit? Consider these 8 wedding exists that will stay in your hearts forever.

Ideas of wedding exit

Silly strings
Usually the party mood comes with the silly string. So, make sure your guests have one in order to splash you at the exit.
Wedding-exitSki lift
If you plan holding your wedding in the mountains, the nice option for your wedding exit is riding down the ski lift.
Wedding-exitSilver streamer
Party poppers with tinsel streamers inside are able to add your exit the feel of fun and joy.
This won’t suit the limited wedding budget, but it is still an amazing way to make your wedding exit. Hire the helicopter, which will take you from your site. But beforehand, you may take a tour in the air around the area.
Wedding-exitHot air balloon
This option is similar to the previous one with the only exception- hot air balloon exit is much more romantic.
Wedding-exitPaper airplanes
You need to do some pre-work for implementation this kind of exit. Provide your guests with paper airplanes, which they should throw during your exit.
An original way to leave your seaside wedding reception is leaving on the yacht.
With the assistance of your guests and couple confetti cannons, you will make your exit spectacular.

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