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Make your Reception Memorable

In the previous article we have described the first steps in organizing the wedding reception of your dream. In this part we will describe the unique ideas and details that will make your wedding stand out.

Wedding reception ideas

Good lighting. Lighting is a key element of the reception. Usually underestimate its importance, which is a big mistake. Basically, besides the basic lighting, there is always candlelight or chandeliers or the strung twinkle lights. Before opting for the particular venue, figure out whether it has the cool effects such as gobo lighting that creates the shapes with light. I agree, it could be annoying when being overused, but setting the monogram on the walls during the first dance can add the pathos to this occasion.
Regional cuisine. Serve at least one plate that will give your guests a taste of the town. For instance, for the East Coast region that would be a seafood soup. Adding the signature drink or plate from your hometown will give a touching swing to the wedding reception.
Drinks. Espresso bars could become a great complement to the desert. These bars can also push to the end of the night.
Dessert buffet. Offer your guests the food buffet with more than 20 different sweets including the chocolate-covered strawberries, banana fosters and crème brulee. You may either appeal to the professional caterers or ask your aunt make her famous brownies. This will not only provide some mingling, but also encourage people getting off their seats.
Go professional. Hire the professional entertainers otherwise you are risking to have an improvised show that will leave a negative mark in your memory. Nowadays we have plenty of choices of various artists starting from the belly dancers to the Irish jig or salsa and ending with the illusionists. Besides, you may bring the different music band to perform for an hour or so during your reception.
Cigar roller. Want to leave the memorable impressions about your wedding? Invite the master cigar roller that will be demonstrating the art of cigar rolling during your big day. You may have him bring some rare or limited-edition cigars so that the guests could try them after the dinner. You may set it in the lounging area or around the martini or vodka bar while you are busy taking photos.
Creative getaway. Usually it is not accepted for the couple to stay till the very end of the reception. But you want to have a unique wedding, don’t you? So, don’t hesitate to be among the last to leave the reception in order to thank each guest personally. You may have a final dance song with all the guests on the floor accompanied by the impressive fireworks.

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