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How to Set the Wedding Reception in Old Hollywood Glamour Style

Brides that look for originality and uniqueness can turn their attention to the romantic epoch of 1940s and 1950s. In case you have been dreaming about bringing into life the starlet image on your wedding day, consider the wedding reception in the Old Hollywood Glamour style and believe me your reception will last in people’s hearts far beyond your special day.

Old Hollywood Glamour wedding reception


The key in setting the Old Hollywood Glamour-themed wedding reception is following the planning cues from contemporary Hollywood, but at the same time keeping up with the classy and luxurious old Hollywood style. As for the color scheme, basic black and white will work best, but don’t forget to add the bold red, pink or gold for the chic effect. For a more striking effect, consider opting for the powder blue or rich navy, which will merge your guests in the classic movies atmosphere.
Be ready to step aside from the standard ways and take the risk with your reception decoratiGns in order to add the maximally approximate to the Old Hollywood Glamour feel. Go for the black and white tablecloths and shimmery chair covers in the same hues for creating the glamorous vibe. Besides it would be nice setting the red carpet and asking the photographer to take the pictures of the guests while they are entering the venue  in order to make them feel like the real celebrities.
Red, pink or blue lighting will allow creating the dramatic effect. Keep in mind that the Old Hollywood Glamour doesn’t accept anything to be done halfway, thus take into consideration even such smallest details as the silverware.
Table serving plays a significant role in setting the Hollywood Glamour wedding reception. It would be nice using the silver charger under the black plates. As for the centerpieces, use the black vases with classy white and red roses. You may add the shimmer using the black feathers and silver candlesticks. Small details make the big impression, so make sure that every single detail is true to the theme.
Don’t forget to provide your guests with the Hollywood-themed favors to take home. The best option is going for the bubbles shaped as the champagne bottle or diamond-shaped key chains. Candles in the shape of movie clapboards will carry the twofold function: it will both intensify the Old Glamour Feel of the reception and at the same time provide your guests with the aromatic reminder long after the wedding day. If you plan to have the edible favors, consider going for the martini glasses filled with the small chocolate candies or black and white jellybeans.

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