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How to Set the Luau Wedding Reception

Despite the fact whether the bride and groom are going to celebrate their honeymoon in the South Pacific or just dream about it, a luau is a perfect way to start the joint life together. Traditionally luaus solemnize family members, friends, delicious food and joy- the same staff you plan to celebrate at the wedding reception. But unlike the traditional wedding receptions, luaus are more laid back and have the guests mingle and enjoy themselves.

How to set the traditional Hawaiian reception

Choose the wedding location thoroughly. In ideal the luau reception should take place outdoors. Pool with fountains will allow creating the true tropical feel. Place the tables by the water, fill the pool with floating flowers and decorate the fountains with lights for the festive look. In case you prefer the indoor wedding reception, consider bringing beach inside by setting the portable fountains.
Decorations will help you set the right ambiance. Consider using orchids in the table centerpieces, citronella candles and tiki torches. Spread the twinkle lights on the potted palms. Place the palapa over the bar area and complement the buffet table with the grass skirt for the true island vibe. Use the paper umbrellas or shells as the place cards.
Welcome your guests with the greeting “aloha” and provide them with the lei of fresh or silk flowers and the orchids for women to put in the hair.
Have the band play the Hawaiian beach music. Consider hiring the hula dancers as a part of entertainment program.
Choose a signature cocktail in the island theme that you will serve during the wedding reception. It could be rum punch, mai tai or tequila sunrise. As for the main dish, consider serving the teriyaki chicken, fresh pineapple, Polynesian shrimp or even a whole roast pig.
Have your guests leave the wedding reception with the favor that reminds of the islands. Search the stores that sell Hawaiian-themed souvenirs for things like carved tiki figures or hula girl wigglers.

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