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How to Plan the Wedding Seating

Right seating of the guests during the wedding reception is probably the most stressful moment for the couple. Coming up with the seating plan, which will take into account all the protracted conflicts, rivalries and family feuds requires both the efforts and some time. Eventually, you don’t want end up with a grandiose scandal between the Aunt Claire and Uncle Tom that got divorced just a year ago. In fact, the peaceful atmosphere is a key.

How to plan the wedding seating

Make up the list of guests that you are planning to invite to your weddiwedding-seating-planng. Mention whether any of your guests is bringing a date, which means that these people will have to sit together.
The blank wall is a perfect area for developing the seating chart. If you don’t have the one, attach the piece of blank paper to the door or wall.
Write down the name of each guest on a Post-it Note. Also add the name of family member and guest on each sheet in order to make a cross-reference. Put the Post-it Notes on the blank area you prepared beforehand. Don’t forget to write the names of bridesmaids, groomsmen and the bride and groom themselves on the Post-it Notes.
Make the circles out of paper and put the numbers on them. Attached on the blank area, they represent the guest tables. Based on the approximate design of the venue, tape the circles in the order that suits best the venue design. Leave enough space for the Post-it Notes that represent the guests. Don’t forget to mark the head table. You can seat the wedding party either in pairs when the bridesmaid sits with the groomsman or separately with bridesmaids sitting on one side and groomsmen on the other.
It wouldn’t be an extra consulting the mothers from the both sides about the guests seating since they are the ones that know all the secret information about family relations. Once you come up with a seating chart, ask the mothers to review it and propose any changes depending on the insight family relations.
Once you find the consensus with the groom and mothers and the R.S.V.P were collected, it is time for approving the final version of the guest seating chart. After you approve the one, you will have to make the place cards and provide the venue manager with the seating plan along with the area design.

Tips on wedding seating planning

In case you plan to have the small children among your guests, make sure to ask the venue manager for the highchairs.
Figure whether you can have the tables of distinct sizes. The standard tables fit 8 to 10 people. The mix of 8 and 10 “tops” will allow resolving the typical seating problems and add the appealing look to the venue.

Seat the bride and groom’s parents at the tables placed by the front area or near the head table. Let them pick the guests that will sit along with them.
Even though it is impossible to seat everyone by the front line, still keep in mind that the most sensitive guests could be insulted with the fact of being placed at the back.

Once you are done with the guest list, it wouldn’t be an extra including the table assignments in the Excel format, what will allow you to make the last-minute changes.wedding-seating-chart-guests

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